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Transaction Charges

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Service Description Fees
Hong Kong Securities – Trade-Related Services
Commission Commission will be determined and agreed
between The Core Securities Co., Ltd. and Client.
Stamp Duty 0.13% of transaction amount
(rounded up to the nearest dollar)
Clearing Fee 0.002% of transaction amount, subject to a minimum fee of HK$2 and maximum of HK$100 per side per trade.
Transaction Levy 0.0027% of transaction amount
Trading Fee 0.005% of transaction amount
FRC Transaction Levy 0.00015% of transaction amount (rounded to the  nearest cent)
(Effective Date on 01 January 2022)
Trading Tariff Waived
US Securities – Trade-Related Services
Commission Commission will be determined and agreed
between The Core Securities Co., Ltd. and Client.
Share Transfer Fee
(stock transfer out)
USD $0.01 per share (Min. USD $100 per transfer)
Hong Kong Securities – Scrip Handling and Settlement-Related Services
CCASS Stock Settlement Fee Waived
Physical Scrip Deposit Fee Waived
Physical Scrip Withdrawal Fee HK$5 per lot (minimum HK$50)
Transfer Deed Stamp Duty HK$5 per transfer deed
Settlement Instruction Fee 0.01% of market value (based on previous closing price)
minimum HK$1,000 and handling fee HK$100 per stock
Stock Transfer Between Accounts,
Stock Receipt/Delivery
Service fee* at 0.25% of stock market value
(based on receipt & delivery day’s previous closing price),
minimum HK$100
Investor Settlement
Instruction Fee
HK$5 per transaction
Money Settlement Fee :
Outward Payments
Bank Cashier Order HK$200 per cashier order
Local bank transfer HK$200 per payment
Overseas Telegraphic
HK$300 per payment, plus overseas
bank charges
Money Settlement Fee:
Returned Cheque
Prime rate + 5% per annum
(minimum HK$200)
Money Settlement Fee:
Early Settlement Handling
HK$200 per transaction
Compulsory Share Buy-Back 0.25% on consideration
+ trade-related services charge
Nominee services and corporate actions
Scrip Fee HK$1.50 per lot
Dividend collection fee 0.5% of dividend (minimum HK$20)
Hong Kong Securities – Other Account Services
Custody Fee HK$300 per year
Duplicate Statement Copy HK$50 for each statement copy
Audit Confirmation HK$300 per confirmation
Reference Letter HK$300 per letter
Stock Segregated Account
(With CCASS Statement)
Service Fee
HK$100 monthly
Inactive account service fee HK$160 per month
US Securities – Other Account Services
Inactive account service fee US$20 per month
Inactive Account: The total value of cash and securities of the account is less than HKD20,000 (for HK securities account) or USD2,500 (for US securities account) and there are not any securities transactions within the recent 3 months. This is applied only for normal Hong Kong Securities Account and US Securities Account but not for Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”) account, unless the employee is no longer employed by the same employer under ESOP.